Solution Spotlight

The Election 2022 Digital Campaign

A New & Innovative Solution to Capture Political Revenue


Political Advertising won the 2020 election.

2020 political ad spending was 30% higher than 2019 and 108% higher than 2018*. These mid-terms are already proving to be another great opportunity for local media companies to capture this ad revenue.

Wehaa introduces

Election 2022 Digital

The platform created to help you capture more digital political revenue. As always, this solution is white label and virtually hands-free for you and your local advertisers. The Election 2022 Digital campaign is flexible and can be targeted to either political party or be non-partisan.

The Election 2022 Digital campaign includes everything you need to be up and running quickly with little effort!

Beautiful Online Candidate Directory & Profile Pages
Sponsor & Candidate dynamic widget banners
Upsell Opportunities & Optional Social Media
Reporting Console & Advertiser Reports
Social Share, Donate, Register and more
Reverse Publishing

We can even create print-ready reverse publishing ads for newspapers.

Reverse Publishing

Two Revenue Channels

Local party affiliation sponsorship
Local, county and state candidates across all positions

Easy On-Boarding

We give you two methods of uploading your candidates

Use our simple online form
Let Wehaa’s Smart Import Technology scrape your candidates’ data

Advanced Reporting

Measurable Results – Beautiful Advertiser Reports for sponsors and candidates.

Reports include Google Analytics API data
Reporting Console for campaign overview
Candidate & Sponsor Reports
Click-Through Tracking
Easy to Navigate Control Panel